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SXSW Panel voting is now open – we need your vote

11 August 2010 | austin social media events,social-media | 0 Comment SXSW Panel voting is now open – we need your vote

We hate groveling for votes, we really do.

Many conferences now days base their panels upon the popularity of a topic (or for that matter a speaker) and in all cases prior, we have skipped asking our clients and friends for a vote, but this time is different- we swear! South by Southwest Interactive is one of the largest, most industry significant conferences in the world and the panelists like us have to jump through an extensive series of hoops and compete with thousands of other potential panelists before we get up on that stage.

Panel topic: is the glass ceiling for women in tech startups real?

With a rise in the number of women registering for the SXSWi conference, there is piqued interest from the conference in this particular topic. It is one that is controversial and I have personally witnessed first hand at several conferences and companies. Some say that the glass ceiling is blatantly obvious while others say it is self imposed and we intend to have speakers on the panel from both sides.

As a woman in the industry, I have intensely strong feelings on the topic (although I won’t tell you which side I’m on quite yet), and I believe this topic is important to approach, given the nature of the conference being well populated by tech startups.

If you agree that this topic is critical…

…then please, click the image below to go give it a thumbs up and if you feel inclined, leave a comment there noting why you would urge SXSW to include this panel. We need your vote!
Voting requires SXSW sign in, but it’s painless, we promise!


If you’re having a blast with voting, please also vote for our other panel, “Mobile Technologies That Crush Old-School Real Estate Paradigms.” We appreciate your support!

If you have a SXSW panel, we appreciate your refraining from promoting it here. Thank you.

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