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August #BATHH wrapup – follow new friends, check out pictures

30 August 2010 | austin social media events,social-media | 0 Comment August #BATHH wrapup – follow new friends, check out pictures

What is #BATHH?

#BATHH stands for “Big Ass Twitter Happy Hour” because not only has it grown into a large monthly event, we primarily use Twitter as the promotional tool (meaning not all attendees are on Twitter and that’s cool). We all get off of the computers for a night and grab a beer together downtown. There’s no guest speaker, there’s no raffle, there’s no cover and there’s no sales pitch, it’s an organically grown social event where people let their hair down. There are business cards swapped, but the point is to connect on a more intimate friendly level with locals (isn’t that how business flows best anyhow? You know it is).

Follow all August attendees with one click:

If you met some new people and can’t remember their names (either because you’re bad with names, their tag was illegible or the mojitos were extra strong that night), you don’t have to remember, it’s all here! For everyone who was a good boy or girl and signed in at the registration table, we’ve published a list of everyone that attended and with one click, you can follow everyone on Twitter that went to the August #BATHH . Easy, no?

Check out the pictures

This month, we had two really talented photographers capturing the fun, Candid shots by @MitchAhrens and Photo Booth by @AnnieRayDotNet. We use them for our events and you should too!

To see pictures from #BATHH events of the past, click here.

When is the next #BATHH?

The next event is on September 16th at Union Park (where we’ll be for the rest of the year) and you should RSVP now with your Twitter or Facebook account and hey, bring a friend!

Picture courtesy of Mitch Ahrens, taken at the August #BATHH.

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