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  • Twitter users three times more likely to impact brands online

    22 September 2010 Twitter users three times more likely to impact brands online

    Recently, ExactTarget released a study about the influence of Twitter users on brands that has my brain spinning. We've advocated for effective uses of social networking sites like Twitter that meet our clients' goals and while some predict the death of Twitter or a decline in use, this study shows that consumers active on Twitter are three times more likely to impact a brand's online reputation than the average consumer. "Consumers active on Twitter are clearly the most influential online," said Morgan Stewart, principal, ExactTarget's research and education group. "What happens on Twitter doesn't stay on Twitter. While the number of active Twitter users is less than Facebook or email, the concentration of highly engaged and influential content creators is ...

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  • Communication Shift from 1980 to 2009

    06 October 2009

    My, how times have changed! As a child of the 80s, living in a small town, I remember watching Mash with my grandparents and answering the rotary phone, "Hello, this is the Anglin residence" at age 3. Now, I have Twitter direct messages coming to my smartphone... my how times have changed! We wanted to share this infographic with you outlining the massive shift in advertising, but I would argue that it more clearly demonstrates a definite shift in communication. No longer are we limited by an ivory wall-mounted phone with the tangled cord, we are liberated to communicate in a number of ways. This ...

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  • Statistics: Who is Online and What Are They Doing?

    14 July 2009

    click image to enlarge The Internet is for Teeny Boppers False. Take a few minutes to look at the data above and let me tell you why it's interesting: 5% of people over age 62 create web content (blogs, podcasts, etc). That means that in a room of 20 people aged 62 or over, at least ONE posts content to the internet. Take that, you lil buggers! In a room of 17 senior citizens, at least one has joined a social network. Yeah, Grammy's on Facebook too, y'all! So one of every nine seniors you know ...

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  • Dear Twitter, Please Change This

    22 June 2009

    Dear Twitter, I've been on Twitter for an crazy long time and for personal reasons, I had to change my account to a private account. As you know, when someone requests to follow me, I have to manually approve them which is great because I can be sure of who is *not* following me and no one can see my tweets in a public timeline or on a third party application because I'm private. The problem is that it is an insane time sucker for me because I average 40 new follower requests each day and although from the approval panel I can allow them to follow by clicking "accept" or "decline" as shown below... ...I ...

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  • Top 10 Cities Using Twitter

    16 June 2009

    Is Austin in the Top 10? Popular social networking site Twitter.com allows users to indicate their location and although it doesn't mandate what format you note your location (ex: Austin, TX can be North Austin or ATX or whatever), it does ask where you are. Below is the most common 10 entries of where Twitter users live according to Hubspot.com: London Los Angeles Chicago New York City San Francisco Toronto Atlanta Seattle Boston Austin Why does this matter to you? With Oprah, Ashton and CNN shoving Twitter down everyone's throat, it's inevitable that you or someone at your office will consider jumping in the deep end. The only problem is that if your company is local and the Twitter ...

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  • Social Media Blog Carnival X

    21 May 2009

    Better late than never, right? Take a second to see judge Sheila Scarborough's picks for this week's blog carnival results- the winner may not be who you'd expect! Be sure to comment there with your thoughts, it looks like a tight race this week!

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  • Facebook Use Costs Woman Her Job

    28 April 2009

    To Quote Trump, "You're Fired!" Today it was reported that a Swiss Insurance worker called in sick because she needed to lay in the dark and couldn't use a computer. The only problem is that her employer saw her Facebook activity during her "sick day." The insurer states that she wasn't fired for her actual activity on Facebook but for "the abuse of trust." Why You Should Care After a certain amount of time on social networks, it becomes easy to become complacent with your activity and soon enough, you're used to Twittering from your ...

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