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About us


We’re Austin’s New Media Lab, and we’re known around the world for our work in digital communications, and new media. We’re not bragging, it’s just the truth that when you mention consulting in relation to social media and digital strategy, the road leads to us.


As a hybrid digital communications and marketing company, we’ve built brands from scratch, salvaged and built reputations, and we wear our work on our sleeve, practice what we preach, and because we’ve been around so long, we helped carve the very digital niche your business seeks to conquer.


We knew immediately that new media solutions do not come in a static LARGE, MEDIUM, or small, and no online marketing tactic makes sense without a comprehensive online communications plan. We’ve always dealt in the realm of fact versus fiction that consumer behavior remains the constant as the mediums are evolving.


New Media Lab is where unconventional meets conventional. We’re the folks that help you in the digital translation of your brand and culture.


Right now! Our first meeting is on us, and if you chose not to hire us, our assessment, advice, and the recommendations you garner in that meeting are yours to keep, free of charge.


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