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  • This Week’s Austin Social Calendar is FULL

    27 July 2009

    As full as a clown car For some reason, this week in Austin has an event every night that relates to social media, technology and/or networking, so we'll probably be late to work every day this week.  Let us know in comments which events YOU will be attending: Wednesday: Austin Bleet Up (blogger meetup, RSVP right now) Thursday: Austin Tweetup (discussion on homelessness) Thursday: Austin Tech Happy Hour Friday: Social Club Free Concert (at Bob Bullock Museum) Saturday: Geeks Who Drink (trivia night) Sunday: Beer and Blog Meetup

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  • How Would T.S. Eliot View Social Media?

    16 July 2009

    T.S. Eliot and Formalism In the 1910s through the 1960s, British and American writers responded to the literary romanticism by launching the “New Criticism” movement (also known as “Formalism”). Previously, the focus of writing had been on the experience of the piece, the prestige of the author and a variety of philosophical perspectives taken toward writing. With the Formalism movement, authors focused on the culture of the reader and became less concerned with the intention or background of the writer. Formalists became entranced with readers' perceptions of written word in various ways depending on what they bring to the table. T.S. Eliot unknowingly inspired (and with his earlier ...

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  • Statistics: Who is Online and What Are They Doing?

    14 July 2009

    click image to enlarge The Internet is for Teeny Boppers False. Take a few minutes to look at the data above and let me tell you why it's interesting: 5% of people over age 62 create web content (blogs, podcasts, etc). That means that in a room of 20 people aged 62 or over, at least ONE posts content to the internet. Take that, you lil buggers! In a room of 17 senior citizens, at least one has joined a social network. Yeah, Grammy's on Facebook too, y'all! So one of every nine seniors you know ...

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  • Is Social Media Urban Sprawl Possible?

    13 July 2009 Is Social Media Urban Sprawl Possible?

    co-authored by Benn Rosales The City as a living organism With the birth of the major American metropolises, scientists sought out ways to describe how a city is born and how urban sprawl occurs. One of the dominant urban growth theory models that is still used to explain the phenomenon of cities spilling over into more rural areas (thus becoming neighborhoods/subdivisions) is Ernest Burgess’ “Zone Model” (or “Urban Land Use Model” if you’re fancy). He was a sociologist at the University of Chicago, so his model was based on his home city and his aim was to study the city as a living organism and showed that just like in a natural ...

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  • Twitter is a Breeding Ground for Scams

    09 July 2009

    You knew this was coming... If you've ever had an email address and had Prince Abdulla contact you offering to pay you $5k if you transfer some money for him or been told you can work from home and make six figures per year just by buying a starter kit, you know how the online scam world operates. It took longer than I expected, but Twitter has become a breeding ground for scams much like those that hit your email spam box or call your phone with private numbers. Better Business Bureau points fingers BBB has issued a warning to everyone about Twitter scams: The e-mail links to EasyTweetProfits.com, a company out ...

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  • Find People in Common on Twitter

    08 July 2009

    The Problem: When you have a Twitter account, people come from out of the blue to follow everything you say. You have no idea where they came from and you don't want to ask them directly in case you met at a party or through a friend and you have since forgotten. Who needs *that* embarassment? The Solution: TweepDiff is a simple tool that allows you to enter two twitter usernames (for example yours and your new follower's) and see who you have in common. This way you can see instantly what common ground you have AND you have an automatic conversation starter, "cool! I see you follow ...

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  • Twitter Addiction Side Effects

    07 July 2009

    Are You Addicted to Twitter? The fastest way to know if you're addicted to Twitter is to take the quiz. The other way is to look at the 46 phases of Twitter which range from "1. Hear the word Twitter. Scoff." to "25. Make it your life mission to get RT'd." to "44. Think to self, 'I should twitter that.'" to see if you've completed the final stages. 8 Side Effects of Twitter Addiction I'm no doctor and studies that I just made up in my head show that addiction to Twitter side effects can be: Verbal diarrheaing via SMS. Telling your children to behave or you'll Twitter ...

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  • Austin Tweetup This Thursday

    07 July 2009

    Wow What's a Tweetup? It's an informal happy hour where everyone in the city using social media is invited to come have a drink and mingle with the people you know from online. Almost 100 people have RSVPd to this impromptu gathering, you should come too! Details

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  • Social Media Blog Carnival XV

    06 July 2009

    Blog Carnival Made of Fireworks The Social Media Blog Carnival is a roundup of article entries about social media theory, tips and practices and people are encouraged to submit written articles, video blogs or audio podcasts to each week’s roundup. Who won? This week, Ricardo Bueno hosts the 15th Social Media Blog Carnival and you HAVE to go check it out- I think he probably spent all weekend on reading, judging and formatting one of the most gorgeous carnival articles in history. Go check it out right this second and congratulate the winners or tell Ribeezie how awesome his article is! Next ...

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  • Harvard Business School Club Austin

    01 July 2009

    Your Social Media Toolbox: Coming off the heels of our speaking last week at the Harvard Business School Club, we have tons of links to share to get your feet wet in social media. Below is a list of sites or articles we referenced throughout the day. Thanks to everyone who came out and spent time with us at HBS- we truly enjoyed the afternoon and have enjoyed talking to many of you over the days since! Getting to Know Social Media 12 Social Media Fears and Overcoming Them Now Social Media Statistics Report That Will Blow You Away Social Media Profiling- ...

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