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  • Top 100 Austinites in Social Media- Nominations Are Open

    11 January 2010

    It's nomination time! It's that time of year folks where we compile our Top 100 People in Social Media in Austin to show over and over again that the best talent in the world is here in Austin which is why we are the Live Social Media Capital of the World!!! This year so that we don't miss anyone, we're opening the list up and taking nominations- this can be you or an individual that you look up to for their use of social media. This is not a list of people who are necessarily social media practitioners (although a category will be devoted to that), ...

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  • Automate your social media efforts

    08 January 2010 Automate your social media efforts

    We often speak about cross-pollinating your social networking efforts meaning syndicating your updates in a way that when you update one network, it automatically sends the same update to other networks, saving you time. The other benefit of syndication is to promote the content you produce on one site by featuring it on another site in an automated way. Although being inhuman and "automated" is typically frowned on, this is an exception as it is your work you are automating and is your opportunity to increase exposure for what you are working on. Although there is no magic pill to automate all of your efforts, there are select tools to point each social network at the other but we want ...

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  • Presentation on Social Media for Austin Home Builders

    06 January 2010

    Tomorrow morning, I am having breakfast and speaking with the Home Builders Association of Greater Austin about how sales people in the building industry can use social networking. I have limited time and could talk on this topic for hours but for those who can't write fast enough tomorrow or want to take a sneak peek, below is the powerpoint slides I will be rapid fire clicking through! Please feel free to scroll through this blog site and get some ideas here and subscribe via email or RSS for new ideas as we'll be sharing more this week from inspiration during tomorrow's ...

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  • November Tweetup in Austin

    21 November 2009

    Austin Tweetup This month's Tweetup was held at the Ginger Man down on 3rd street and it was a BLAST! The count was around 200 people that came for last night's tweetup and we were able to wrangle 110 of those people into writing down their twitter handle. Below is the list of 100+ Austin Tweeps to follow that came out to Ginger Man last night, and if you want to follow them ALL by clicking one button, click here (you'll love this, we promise)! 100+ Austin Tweeps happy houred!! Last night's hosts were @bennrosales and @laniar, and here are ...

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  • Social Charity- October 2009- Mobile Loaves & Fishes

    23 October 2009

    PLEASE use one of these slideshows in your own blog: For the first ever social charity presentation roundup, several people (even some not in Austin!) stepped up to bat to put together various slideshows based on facts provided by Alan Graham of local non profit organization, Mobile Loaves and Fishes, serving the needs of the homeless. What we need YOU to do is pick whichever presentation calls to you and embed it into your own blog, encouraging people to be generous with Mobile Loaves & Fishes. Denice Crowell graciously stepped up to create the above presentation and in conversation with her, ...

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  • Austin Haunted Houses Using Social Media

    16 October 2009

    Top Two The most popular, well produced haunted houses in central Texas are implementing social media campaigns to attract and scare the crap out of people: Mansion of Terror's social media campaign is the brain child of David Neff who plays a role in the horror show as well; my favorite of their many productions and campaigns is the trailer for their new "Death Asylum" (click here to see the video and get all worked up before you head out to go see the Mansion of Terror). What Mansion of Terror has done that is unique is actively reaching out to individual bloggers ...

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  • Hubspot’s Top 50 Austin Twits- Follow With One Click

    09 October 2009

    Easy as pie So, I'm not sure why pie is easy, but it is and so is this... Hubspot.com has a grader tool to judge your performance on Twitter via an algorithm and although it seems bots have been rewarded and placed at the top of the list, the top people per location changes every day (you can check Austin by clicking here). Want to follow 50 twitter users in Austin that Hubspot considers to be at the top of the game? Click here to follow all 50 (and yes, the list changes constantly, so this is just a snapshot in time)... seriously, one click and you follow them ...

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  • Communication Shift from 1980 to 2009

    06 October 2009

    My, how times have changed! As a child of the 80s, living in a small town, I remember watching Mash with my grandparents and answering the rotary phone, "Hello, this is the Anglin residence" at age 3. Now, I have Twitter direct messages coming to my smartphone... my how times have changed! We wanted to share this infographic with you outlining the massive shift in advertising, but I would argue that it more clearly demonstrates a definite shift in communication. No longer are we limited by an ivory wall-mounted phone with the tangled cord, we are liberated to communicate in a number of ways. This ...

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  • September Social in Austin- TODAY

    10 September 2009

    Tweetup? Meetup? Mark Your Calendars! September 10th marks the year's epic social event bringing people from the technology world, foodie world, fashion world and music world together as New Media Lab, Launch787 and Do512.com team up to organize a party like no other! Drink specials will rock and catering from a local steakery, NadaMoo ice cream samplings and one of Austin's finest photographers shooting away will make up for the crappy downtown parking, so RSVP NOW with your Twitter or Facebook account and bring a friend or ten! Email us if you have any questions!

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  • Austin Internet Marketers Group Wrapup

    08 September 2009

    AIMM Last week, we spoke at the Austin Internet Marketers Meetup at Dave & Buster's and had a blast! The group was very diverse which always makes for a great educational event, especially in the question & answer portion. We noted that we would share our presentation for those interested and in true Murphy's Law fashion, all of the images in the presentation are corrupted, so in lieu of the presentation, we'll break it down into a few parts for those who didn't make it out last week! Part One: Benn's Presentation Part Two: Social Media Primer Benn showed this video in his presentation to drive home the ...

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