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  • How to lose commenters on your blog in just three seconds

    12 July 2010 How to lose commenters on your blog in just three seconds

    Whether you're a veteran blogger or a new blogger, every blog has the capacity to turn commenters off in less than three seconds. Various practices are encouraged by coaches to capture leads, but in your effort to capture users or to maintain security, you could be losing business. Take for example a highly respected industry blog out of London. After lurking for many months in my feed reader, I finally was drawn to an article of theirs that I wanted to engage in comments, but then the frustration began. After my comment went to moderation, I was prompted to go to my email, open a message to verify my email address, and finally, copy and paste a url into ...

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  • What you can learn from Google’s social media failures

    11 July 2010 What you can learn from Google’s social media failures

    For going on seven years, Google has invested a great deal of time and money into companies that would create a stunning lineup that could theoretically be pieces to a puzzle that upon completion appears to be a healthy social network. And why not? Google has grown into a major company that has dabbled in nearly every facet of business ranging from assisting the government with their satellite imagery to attempting to conglomerate real estate data. But Google has yet to create a competitive social network. Sources point to a current social network project under Google's belt called "GoogleMe" and rumors have been substantiated. With news of their launch, tech reporters across the globe are predicting its demise and ...

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  • Mark your calendars for the July #BATHH

    07 July 2010 Mark your calendars for the July #BATHH

    If you missed June, are looking to talk to people in advance of July's #BATHH (Big Ass Twitter Happy Hour), or you're just looking for people in Austin to connect with on Twitter, with one click, you can follow several hundred Austinites. The list contains people who signed in at the last #BATHH (let us know in comments if your name is missing and you swear you were there). June was a blast, and we'll be at Union Park on 6th again, so mark your calendar for July 22nd for this month's #BATHH and please, bring a friend from work or a neighbor to show them that people on Twitter and other social networks are normal, fun and ...

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  • Find free pictures for your blog and avoid letters from lawyers

    30 June 2010 Find free pictures for your blog and avoid letters from lawyers

    Avoiding stealing content Have you ever gone to a real estate blog or website and seen the same old tired picture of a Realtor and a buyer in front of a house? You know, that picture of the lady in red giving a young couple the keys to their new house where everyone looks happy? Yeah, us too. There's a way to avoid being part of the trap of using repetitive images AND avoid using Google to search for images that lead you to the red shirt lady. An added benefit to not stealing pictures from Google is that lawyers won't send you letters for your content theft. Yay! Enough jibber jabber, here's how: 1. Go to

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  • Who went to #BATHH in May and who is coming in June?

    17 June 2010 Who went to #BATHH in May and who is coming in June?

    Last month's #BATHH Each month, we host what we've lovingly named the "Big Ass Twitter Happy Hour" (BATHH) where people come from the internet to meet offline. No one is selling anything, there are no speakers or sponsors, everyone just comes together to mingle and get to know each other and it's a brilliant networking opportunity because it is a passive happy hour. It's so passive that not everyone signs in or wears a nametag (which is actually required to get into this free yet private event). That said, last month, we were able to wrangle nearly 150 people at the sign in table (which is lovingly run by volunteers) and if you want a great group of people to ...

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  • Twitter’s Brand New Landing Page – Gorgeous or Terrifying?

    30 March 2010 Twitter’s Brand New Landing Page – Gorgeous or Terrifying?

    A new emphasis Today, Twitter unveiled a new design for their homepage that they're testing out, with an emphasis on dynamic content that highlights the information flow. Their last homepage redesign was a stagnant page that put a new emphasis on search, but this new homepage is more three dimensional and acts kind of like a taste test for non users that can peek in on what Twitter is like before they sign up. Here's what it looks like in action (10 second video): According to Twitter, "All of our recent changes embrace the notion that Twitter is not just for status updates anymore. It’s a ...

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  • March Twitter Happy Hour #BATHH- Kicking Off SXSW

    04 March 2010 March Twitter Happy Hour #BATHH- Kicking Off SXSW

    It's that time again! It's time for this month's Twitter happy hour and we want you to invite your friends that are coming to SXSW, your coworkers or your neighbors- let's show people that we're normal and not living in our mom's basement playing WoW all day and night (well, at least not most of us). RSVP HERE to the March Twitter Happy Hour on March 11th by using your Twitter or Facebook account- bring a friend! Last month's Twitter Happy Hour was a hit and even though it was cold and rainy, nearly 300 Austinites showed up and had a blast! This time around, we might have a drink ticket or two to throw your ...

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  • Free Austin Conference- RISE (for Entrepreneurs)

    01 March 2010 Free Austin Conference- RISE (for Entrepreneurs)

    RISE = A Relationship & Information Series for Entrepreneurs In true Austin fashion, the entrepreneur community has come together to share ideas and information for free to help other entrepreneurs ranging from how to lease your first office, how to market your company, how to find funding and of course, how to use technology in your business. Full RISE info can be found here where you can sign up for tons of sessions! TWO of us at New Media Lab are hosting sessions, and we'd like for you to join us! If you've never been to a coworking space (perfect for freelancers to have a really cheap office), we're being hosted by two local coworking spaces so you ...

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  • February Twitter Happy Hour – #BATHH

    16 February 2010 February Twitter Happy Hour – #BATHH

    Austin's Twitter Happy Hour This month's Twitter Happy Hour was held at The Ginger Man on 3rd Street in downtown Austin and despite the rain, the bouncer (is that the right word to use these days?) said there were nearly 300 people in the door, about 20 of which weren't affiliated with the Twitter Happy Hour. Parking was insane and the rain and cold were very un-Austin, but several hundred people still showed up, proving that although we LOVE the Ginger Man, we've outgrown the venue. Follow everyone that was there with one click! Want to follow everyone that went to the event? Even if you didn't go, no worries, the point is for networking and that can be ...

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  • Calling for Volunteers for February Tweetup – [All Spots Filled]

    02 February 2010

    Volunteering to help UPDATE: within two minutes of posting, we got tons of volunteers, MAN Austin is generous! Thanks SO MUCH for all of your help, we'll see you at the Tweetup! The February Tweetup is coming up and we need help! I'm awful at manning the sign in table because I float around all hostess-y like, so I'm looking for help in hour blocks. All volunteers have to do is stand at the sign in table, guide people to making their name badges with their Twitter names on them and signing in with their Twitter name.  Hell, we'll buy you a beer for volunteering, so why not? Spots to ...

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