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  • Could Twitter’s “Fast Follow” service denigrate Twitter culture?

    31 August 2010 Could Twitter’s “Fast Follow” service denigrate Twitter culture?

    Once upon a time, Twitter was a small community of geeks (I can say that, I was there), and as more people came online, it changed a bit as people over 18 grasped at straws to figure out how to use the social network for business and as news outlets and celebrities discovered the magic of Twitter, the masses followed. Twitter as a service has had its ups and downs and has added a tweak here and there over the years but hasn't made quite the leaps and strides or redesigns as many anticipated given its massive funding. The culture has shifted from a seedy hole in the wall bar to a hustling and bustling metropolitan street while the service has ...

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  • August #BATHH wrapup – follow new friends, check out pictures

    30 August 2010 August #BATHH wrapup – follow new friends, check out pictures

    What is #BATHH? #BATHH stands for "Big Ass Twitter Happy Hour" because not only has it grown into a large monthly event, we primarily use Twitter as the promotional tool (meaning not all attendees are on Twitter and that's cool). We all get off of the computers for a night and grab a beer together downtown. There's no guest speaker, there's no raffle, there's no cover and there's no sales pitch, it's an organically grown social event where people let their hair down. There are business cards swapped, but the point is to connect on a more intimate friendly level with locals (isn't that how business flows best anyhow? You know it is). Follow all August attendees with one click: If you met ...

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  • #BATHH pictures throughout the ages

    12 August 2010 #BATHH pictures throughout the ages

    August 2010 at Union Park (Candid shots by @MitchAhrens and Photo Booth by @AnnieRayDotNet) July 2010 at Union Park (by @MitchAhrens) June 2010 at Union Park (by @AnnieRayDotNet) May 2010 at Union Park (by @AnnieRayDotNet) April 2010 at Kung Fu Saloon (by @AshleyAndreano) March 2010 at Frank for SXSWi- Korey Howell's booth and Annie Ray's booth (by @AnnieRayDotNet and @@KoreyHowell) There are lots of pictures of past events, but this is about when we got a little more organized about it and started doing photo booths. If you have pictures of your favorite #BATHH ...

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  • SXSW Panel voting is now open – we need your vote

    11 August 2010 SXSW Panel voting is now open – we need your vote

    We hate groveling for votes, we really do. Many conferences now days base their panels upon the popularity of a topic (or for that matter a speaker) and in all cases prior, we have skipped asking our clients and friends for a vote, but this time is different- we swear! South by Southwest Interactive is one of the largest, most industry significant conferences in the world and the panelists like us have to jump through an extensive series of hoops and compete with thousands of other potential panelists before we get up on that stage. Panel topic: is the glass ceiling for women in tech startups real? With a rise in the number of women registering for the SXSWi conference, there is piqued ...

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  • Can being positive in social networks diminish your reputation?

    02 August 2010 Can being positive in social networks diminish your reputation?

    Social networking is now a common way for companies to connect with their consumers. They communicate about news, products, opinions and more in hopes of meeting their goals (sales, customer service, branding, etc.) in these online networks. There is an emerging theory coming from people who have recently signed up for a Facebook account and are now "social media experts." The theory is that you should always be positive in your communications online. You should share inspirational quotes, you should tell good news, and you should only focus on telling people good things and not the bad. People subscribing to and espousing this idea say that people don't want to be around negativity, so you should only exude positivity. On the surface, ...

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