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  • Learn Social Media- New Media Collaborative

    31 March 2009

    What's Social Media? You're not the only one asking.   While others are going on and on, assuming you've adjusted to the learning curve, New Media Lab realizes that you're still stuck at the question.  This is why we've designed an experience that starts at the beginning and brings you current without the steep learning curve- the New Media Collaborative. What is it? The New Media Collaborative is a curriculum-based seminar designed to assist businesses of all sizes understand the fundamentals of social media: Evolution of communication Who is using social media Where they are using social media - communities Culture of communities- how to fit in Becoming and remaining relevant Establishing your presence - LinkedIn, ...

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  • Social Media Blog Carnival IV

    31 March 2009

    Drumroll... This week's host is extra snarky as we knew she would be and not only did Heather announce this week's blog carnival winners, she gave tips for how to succeed in future carnivals (which also applies to success in blogging in general). And the winner is... Head over to Social Media Building Blocks to check out the best of the best writing, vlogging or podcasting about social media (and don’t forget to congratulate the winners!). Next week’s judge is Tom Winstead which should be interesting as we've never had a photographer judge before! ...

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  • Fighting Libel in Blogs

    27 March 2009

    Blogging Libel Blogging is an amazing, inexpensive tool allowing people to connect directly with their consumers but occasionally, another individual may choose to write something libelous about you. This is a very rare event, but just know that with the right preparation, you don't have to be a victim. You have two choices depending on who is writing the material against you- ignore it or fight. What is Libel? First and foremost, this is not legal advice, I'm not a lawyer nor do I play one on tv, nor does anyone at New Media Lab. There are thousands of places ...

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  • Austin Nerds Vs. Austin Geeks

    25 March 2009

    Umm, that's not an insult... People using online tools are occasionally mocked by those scared of technology, "oh you're on Twitter? What a geek!" But what they don't understand is that I don't take 'geek' as an insult- my parents, coworkers and Obama are geeks then too for using technology. But someone recently used the word 'nerd' which raised my eyebrows a little bit... Our daughter asked us the difference between a geek and a nerd and we told her that a geek carries a laptop and a nerd carries a beaker. She then declared herself as a ...

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  • Social Media Blog Carnival III

    23 March 2009

    To the point... This week's host is extra sick and performed all of her judging duties probably in jammies in bed on a laptop, so she got right to the point up front! And the winner is... Head over to Social Media Training Camp to check out the best of the best writing, vlogging or podcasting about social media (and don’t forget to congratulate the winners!). Next week’s judge is Heather Strout and we're certain she'll be among our snarkiest of judges! If you’d like to judge or get involved with the carnival, email us ...

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  • Pink Slips Suck- Austin Social Media Jobs

    22 March 2009

    Marketing, Tech & Social Media Jobs Oh yes, pink slips suck! If you’re looking to change jobs or you’re on the hunt thanks to the stupid pink slips floating around Austin, we’ll be combing the interwebs for opportunities around town and posting them here each Friday… you might land your next gig or at least learn of new job sites while you’re poking around here. Freelance writer for web copy at Wired Consulting The company provides Project Management consultancy for IT & T projects based in Australia. The work will entail editing / copywriting for Marketing / Website / ...

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  • Connie Reece Dubbed the “Mother Nature of Twitter”

    20 March 2009

    Our very own Connie Reece was honored today in a Marcus Brown "Twitter Reading." If you like British accents, satire, @conniereece, you should watch Sir Marcus Brown's reading. As Mr. Brown astutely notes, by following Connie, it just might save your life.

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  • Awesomely Creative Social Media Marketing

    19 March 2009

    Alpo is Awesome The Alpo brand recently launched a new marketing campaign called "Operation: Quick, get that dog some ALPO!" Take a minute to watch the video below and while you're watching, note how Alpo chooses to set themselves apart, is authentic to their brand, is a little silly and especially note how they are breaking stereotypes of Alpo alternatives that some see as superior: Are YOU Awesome? The answer is yes. By using social media in your marketing, be it blogging, video uploads or audio podcasting, you have a unique opportunity to let ...

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  • Social Media Blog Carnival II

    17 March 2009

    SXSWi Anyone that's in Austin knows that South by Southwest has invaded our town, our minds and our time so I owe everyone an apology for posting the carnival results. I owe you a hug or a piece of candy or something. And the winner is... Now that the geeks are in single file line at the airport and only the fittest survived, you just have to visit Chris Bailey's site Gravit8 to see who won- check out the best of the best writing, vlogging or podcasting about social media (and don't forget to congratulate the winners!). Next week's judge is ...

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  • New Media Lab Acquires Every Dot Connects

    12 March 2009

    Huge, huge news! We just finalized our first acquisition, communications consultancy Every Dot Connects. What this means is that one of our nation's top social media voices, Connie Reece will be joining us as a consultant and trainer and brings with her an amazing portfolio of expertise. Read the full press release here. Connie is the co-founder of

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